You’re so super you should wear a cape!

A good winter cape is basically a snuggly blanket that is absolutely appropriate to wear to dinner or work. Let me say that again; it’s a B-L-A-N-K-E-T you can wear to your J-O-B. If this doesn’t excite you, I’m afraid I cannot help you. Wearing one feels like getting away with something. Stained undershirt? No problem. Don’t feel like wearing a bra? No one will be the wiser. Tell me, what’s not to love? This particular vintage wool cape is from Tandem Vintage, located in Find Furnish in NE Minneapolis. If you’re like me, you decide to shower and get dressed 30 minutes before you need to be somewhere. This self-induced state of panic is followed by hating everything in my closet and feeling like I have nothing to wear. For moments like this, a cozy cape is your trusted amigo. Trying to wear one under your puffy coat isn’t advised, however. It’s rather comical and very reminiscent of a particular Chris Farley skit.

Here are three ways to wear a cape in winter time:

  1. Pair with a long knit skirt and heeled booties for an evening look.
  2. Use as a transition piece. If you have a happy hour date after your yoga class, switch up your shoes, keep your yoga pants on and call it a day.
  3.  However you damn well please. If your friend is really struggling, you could wrap them in your cape as a gesture of love. The possibilities are endless, and so is the power of love.

Over and out.

Yours from the North,


Photos by Eric Sorensen | Cape + hat, vintage, Tandem Vintage 

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