Excuse me while I wear the same thing all week.

menswear for the ladies

When I was eleven, I burped really loud in gym class; like, so loud that everyone stopped playing Pickle ball and looked around to find out WHODUNIT. My face turned lobster red and one of my idiot classmates crossed his arms and shouted, “Only boys burp.” Nice. Boys have it so easy, I remember thinking. They never seem to struggle to raise their hands in class, don’t have to worry about breast buds and when they burp they receive rounds of applause and laughter.

There is something about dude style life that’s to be envied.

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I’m so fancy.

Some Midwesterners pick up snowshoeing or skiing during the cold months. I prefer picking up vintage furs- and putting them around my neck. The common argument against wearing mink or fox out into the world is it creates a look that is “too fancy.” My question is, how is this a problem? If while pumping gas at the Kum & Go, someone scurried over, looked you up and down and stated “ma’m, you’re too fancy” would you bail on the evening? For the sake of your happiness, I certainly hope not. You have every right to pump gas looking like Dame Judi Dench if you please.

I am a believer in wearing vintage furs everyday, especially if it’s January and you just got done with a good cry; the kind of cry where you turn up the Ryan Adams and really feel some things. Or if you’re going to Kum & Go, obviously. But, if the fear of looking too dressed-up is real for you, let me offer a few suggestions.

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