I’m so fancy.

Some Midwesterners pick up snowshoeing or skiing during the cold months. I prefer picking up vintage furs- and putting them around my neck. The common argument against wearing mink or fox out into the world is it creates a look that is “too fancy.” My question is, how is this a problem? If while pumping gas at the Kum & Go, someone scurried over, looked you up and down and stated “ma’m, you’re too fancy” would you bail on the evening? For the sake of your happiness, I certainly hope not. You have every right to pump gas looking like Dame Judi Dench if you please.

I am a believer in wearing vintage furs everyday, especially if it’s January and you just got done with a good cry; the kind of cry where you turn up the Ryan Adams and really feel some things. Or if you’re going to Kum & Go, obviously. But, if the fear of looking too dressed-up is real for you, let me offer a few suggestions.

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