A Purse To Write About

a lovely brook's brothers purse

On my way to work the other day, my breakfast of Chia seeds, nuts and almond milk exploded in my purse. If you’ve eaten Chia seeds, you know that when mixed with liquid, they form a gelatinous coating making them stick like glue to most surfaces. It was a “and this is why we don’t have nice things” moment. Historically, my purses have been more utilitarian than trendy. I’ve never been the woman who buys a new Kate Spade purse every year. If a purse is too pretty or too expensive, I feel nervous using it. I like a purse that can handle being dropped and spilt on and can hold all the contents of my life. My current purse was recently stolen out of my car, stripped of its contents and left for dead on the side of the street before I recovered it. A few brushes with my hand and it was as beautiful as the day I bought it- a fine example of the kind of hardiness I have come to expect from my purses. When I lived in New York City, I was thrilled by the canvas-bags-as-purses trend. Finally, a place that gets me, I remember thinking.

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