Spin Cycle

At the end of the day adults want to play dress-up just as much as kids do. While we didn’t wash any clothes, we did scrub our souls with the pure sudsy joy of crawling into dryers and pushing each other around in laundry carts. We weren’t there for business, we showed up to play. Thanks to Eric Sorensen for snapping pics and Brieann Thelen for humoring me and sporting a sweet vintage pant suit from her mama. Some say dads are the original ¬†hipsters. I say, WRONG. Moms.¬†IMG_1744IMG_1731IMG_1670IMG_1679 (1)IMG_1674IMG_1741IMG_1686IMG_1684IMG_1682IMG_1679IMG_1702IMG_1696IMG_1660IMG_1665IMG_1659 (3)

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