Vintage dresses for the masses!

Damn, I love a vintage dress! Finding one that fits me in all the right places makes me feel I was born in the wrong era. While baking scones in a 1950’s sundress and heels sounds like a dream, being meekly obedient to my husband does not. Really, I’m the luckiest: I live in 2016 and can wear 1950’s dresses without the woman-hating bullshit of that era. Score! What I love about vintage dresses is the silhouette, quality of material, and uniqueness. The way they hug your waist and cascade to your knees feels like a sweet old song. Plus, rocking a vintage dress is a sure fire way to avoid the moment when you’re meeting your partner’s friend, swoop in for a hug, and–*record scratch*–you’re wearing the same dress! Such a buzz kill. Avoid looking like another H&M lemming by opting for vintage.

Over coffee, a friend of mine blurted out that she cannot pull off the vintage dress look. “I end up looking like a frumpy weirdo,” she admitted. I wanted to splash my iced chai in her face and say, “Wake up, babe! With that attitude, you will!” I heard this great quote recently: Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right. It’s all in the attitude. Confidence is your best accessory. Whatever you decide to wear, own it.

Here are five tips for wearing a vintage dress in 2016:

  1. Shoes, shoes, shoes! If you wear shoes from the 1950’s, you will look and feel like you’re time traveling. Don’t get me wrong, this is a rad look, but most of us prefer to update the look a bit. Pair your dress with fringed or strappy heels or a great pair of wedges.
  2. Consider your clutch or purse carefully. A modern leopard print or metallic clutch will add a current edge to your outfit.
  3. If the dress print is loud or the percentage of lace is high, be wary of pushing the outfit into the “Gaudy Zone.” Delicate, simple jewelry can save the day! Many vintage dresses are statements themselves.
  4. A feminine leather jacket or current lipstick shade helps add a modern feel.
  5. Get to know a good tailor. If you’re in the Minneapolis area, I recommend Sew Simple. They’re affordable and the owner does an excellent job with vintage pieces.

I paired up with Tandem Vintage and incredible Minneapolis-based photographer Eric Sorenson for this photo shoot. We met at The Como Zoo and Conservatory to poke at plants and gently elbow school-aged children so we could see the giraffes first. Enjoy!

Yours from the North,


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Images by Eric Sorenson Photography

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