Big Dreams & Tiny Thoughts

The nomad life style is so appealing. As much as I like having a semi-permanent nest (renter style), I like the freedom of the open road more. I’ve dreamed about meeting a man who will build a tiny home with me and bid adieu to the comforts of a King bed in exchange for a tiny one with just enough room for our tiny love story. Tiny mason jars filled with tiny ancient grains, tiny rolls of toilet paper, tiny throw pillows, tiny, tiny, tiny.  Hell, I would be happy with an old VW bus as my next home. It’s the mobility and space limitations that appeal to me. I’ve been feeling the weight of my stuff this month. It could have something to do with the fact that I just moved, again. Hurling all of your shit into boxes and taking stock really makes a girl feel like hurling. The beauty of a small space is that it forces you to examine your consumerist ways. Now that I live in a studio apartment, I find myself pausing before buying things and asking, is this a need item or a nice to have item? Impulse purchases show up as clutter and nothing gets in the way of creative flow and sexy date nights like the C-word.

Here are my top four tips to avoid impulse, or “that’s cute” purchases:

  1. Make a list of what you need and stick to it. Don’t be tempted by “shiny junk,” as I like to call it. Basically, never go into a Patina store. Sorry.” Need” purchases may not be as “fun” but how “fun” is credit card debt, my sugar plums?!
  2. Never shop when you’re hungry, tired or sad. Having an emergency plan (and almonds in your purse) for these days is helpful. Go home and take a bath, watch John Oliver or go to yoga instead.
  3. Think about what makes you feel free. Freedom for me is a feeling of joy. When I spend money I don’t have, it’s because I believe retail therapy will bring me joy. I am practicing noticing when I am deficient in Vitamin J (yes, I did just type this) and work on supplementing accordingly. Running, writing and wearing vintage furs around my neck bring me joy. The feeling of freedom feels like losing track of the time. It feels like I’m expanding from the inside-out, less like a pimple and more like a hot air balloon. So let me ask you, where’s your joy?
  4.  Learn to enjoy the spaciousness in your life. Open corners in a room and white walls let our brain breathe. If our mind is always taking in information, we start to feel like a TI- calculator on steroids, like a Calcu-roid…? What our mind takes in each day is astounding. Make your home a place of less stuff. Make it a place of simplicity and peace.

Yours from the North,


P.S. If you know how to build a Tiny Home, I want to be your friend. 


Images by Eric Sorensen | modeling friend: Brieann Thelen | VW bus: not mine


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  1. Steph,
    I so enjoy reading your writing! I hope I get to see you when I’m there the third week of March. I’m interested in doing a pod cast if you are still looking for people.

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