Excuse me while I wear the same thing all week.

menswear for the ladies

When I was eleven, I burped really loud in gym class; like, so loud that everyone stopped playing Pickle ball and looked around to find out WHODUNIT. My face turned lobster red and one of my idiot classmates crossed his arms and shouted, “Only boys burp.” Nice. Boys have it so easy, I remember thinking. They never seem to struggle to raise their hands in class, don’t have to worry about breast buds and when they burp they receive rounds of applause and laughter.

There is something about dude style life that’s to be envied. As an adult female I’ve had moments of wishing my fashion life could be more manly. What I mean by this is simplified and stripped of frills, a minimalist uniform. After a night of my cat chasing imaginary mice around my apartment, maybe I don’t have the energy to debate strips versus polka dots. Maybe I haven’t done laundry in a week.  Or, more than likely, I’m running on McCoy time (late) and hating everything in my closet five minutes before I need to leave for another Tinder date. If I had a simple, go-to “lady uniform,” the stress of not knowing what to wear might be less frequent. Consider the stylish Minneapolis gent for a moment. As he lumbers towards you, you squint and make out a familiar uniform: a pair of Red Wing work boots (that have never been within 50 feet of a hammer), black skinny jeans and a Fruit of the Loom V-neck T-shirt. Perhaps he’s accessorizing with a man scarf, beanie or blocking the winter chill with a cardigan or jean jacket. You can feel the magnetic pull through your computer screen, can’t you? What if I told you he’s been wearing the same thing for seven days straight? Some weeks we women want to wear the same thing over and over again too.

This outfit is a nod to menswear and is an outfit that could serve as a “lady uniform.” I posit that you could wear faux leather leggings and oversized sweaters seven days a week, changing up shoe choice and accessories, and feel pretty good about yourself. A heeled bootie + fur collar for a date night. A pair of Nike high tops + beanie for a four hour Sunday brunch. You get the idea. And for the best oversized sweaters, I recommend shopping the men’s section at any thrift store. I found a gorgeous $7 cashmere sweater sandwiched between a Green Bay Packer windbreaker and Vikings t-shirt. A diamond in a sporty rough, if you will. These Michael Kors shoes obviously steal the show, which is why I took pictures of my feet and won’t be apologizing for it.

What “uniform” ideas do you have?

Yours from the North,


Women’s Earthies Lisbon – Black Pearlized Suede Casual Shoes • Earthies • $124.95
Marianne Long-Sleeve High-Low Sweater • BCBGMAXAZRIA • $79.20
360Cashmere Cashmere Long-Sleeve Boat-Neck Sweater, Mid Heather Gray • $91.50
SWG N352 – Clear/Clear Sunglasses • $25.95
Lysse Vegan Leather Legging • Lysse • $108
MICHAEL Michael Kors Faux Leather Leggings • MICHAEL Michael Kors • $59.99

menswear look for the ladies

menswear look for the ladies

Faux leather leggings: TractrNordstrom Rack |  Shoes: Michael Kors, Nordstrom Rack | Sweater: thrifted J.Crew, Goodwill| Rx Glasses: Moscot Eyewear, NYC

Images by Bernadette Pollard Photography

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