Excuse me while I wear the same thing all week.

menswear for the ladies

When I was eleven, I burped really loud in gym class; like, so loud that everyone stopped playing Pickle ball and looked around to find out WHODUNIT. My face turned lobster red and one of my idiot classmates crossed his arms and shouted, “Only boys burp.” Nice. Boys have it so easy, I remember thinking. They never seem to struggle to raise their hands in class, don’t have to worry about breast buds and when they burp they receive rounds of applause and laughter.

There is something about dude style life that’s to be envied.

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Brooches & Bolo ties


This was my first time wearing a Bolo tie and it certainly will not be my last. Let’s talk about jewelry for a minute. I love that much of the jewelry you see today has a simple, delicate feel.  In fact, this is the type of jewelry I wear most of the time. But, on days when I’m feeling a little bold and I want my jewelry to match that, I reach for some of my thrifted pieces.

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Spin Cycle

At the end of the day adults want to play dress-up just as much as kids do. While we didn’t wash any clothes, we did scrub our souls with the pure sudsy joy of crawling into dryers and pushing each other around in laundry carts. We weren’t there for business, we showed up to play.

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“Nice” is the New “Bad”

My co-worker has a mug that reads “Baditude.” The other day it shattered on the floor and fittingly, some choice expletives were expressed. If a coffee mug could sum up my feelings while wearing this outfit, it would be Baditude.

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Vintage dresses for the masses!

Damn, I love a vintage dress! Finding one that fits me in all the right places makes me feel I was born in the wrong era. While baking scones in a 1950’s sundress and heels sounds like a dream, being meekly obedient to my husband does not. Really, I’m the luckiest: I live in 2016 and can wear 1950’s dresses without the woman-hating bullshit of that era. Score!

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These are the tees of our lives.

My friends who wore their co-ed Red Cedar Soccer team T-shirts growing up were the coolest. Dads with faded band tees from the ’60s came in a close second. And then there were the cross country team T-shirts with the weird nicknames on the back: “Big Fun” and “Gov-Dogg” and “T-Mac.” To quote Michael Scott from The Office, “I love inside jokes; I hope to be part of one someday.”

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My Roots are Showing

WARNING: This is a clichéd post about how we are all different and why that’s rad. I was a part-time homeschooler with curly hair who showed up to middle school (on the years I went) with hummus and blue corn chips in a sea of Lunchables, so, in some very small way, I get what it feels like to fit out.

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Learn to love your layers

Fall is coming and that’s a fact. I know for some of you, the idea of a turtle neck cutting off the blood flow to your brain feels like a death sentence. I get it. I’ll admit, I love fall. I get caught up in the busyness of summer and come fall, I sit down in a pile of crunchy leaves and feel disappointment because I didn’t do half the things I wanted to- like go to the A to Z Pizza Farm, for example. With spring comes a lot of optimism which leads to an overbooked summer. Ah well, I’m sure I’m not alone in this boat.

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It was the summer of ’94

My ideal lifestyle would involve eating watermelon every day and traveling and thrifting. Admittedly, it is hard not to feel jealous of Yana and Ian of Moth Oddities. They have an impeccable eye for rad vintage clothing and thrift across this country, selling what they find on their website. They are two people who have successfully turned their hobby into a business. Swoon, swoon, SWOON!

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