7 Things. v1

“My mother was right: When you’ve got nothing left, all you can do is get into silk underwear and start reading Proust.” // Jane Birkin 

Enjoy this week’s 7 Things! 

  1. For a sweeter sleep try this 10 minute self-compassion guided meditation from Tara Brach.
  2. Make some new friends by making these GF Black Bean Brownies from Hemsley & Hemsley. Trust me.
  3. This is what I eat for breakfast everyday and now my 10:30am stomach rumbles are a thing of the past.
  4. It’s not weird to stop, drop and smell yourself when you’re wearing Na Nin’s Cripple Creek perfume. I blame the smokey pine notes.
  5. I always eat popcorn like I’ve just popped the last kernels on Earth. For the most delicious popcorn, cook it in coconut oil and top it with Braggs Amino Acids + nutritional yeast +salt.
  6. If you’re a menstrual cramp sufferer try rubbing some clary sage essential oil on your belly. If laboring mamas find it effective, you will too! Your local co-op or health foods store sells it for about $14.
  7. I will see Wilco live before I die, but until then, this NPR Tiny Desk performance will suffice.

Yours from the North,


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