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A few nights ago I walked Lake of the Isles with a good friend of mine. She and I discussed our relationships with our men and our smartphones, our dreams and our mutual love of a clean, inviting home space. We agreed that a pile of clothes in the corner or a crumb laden floor takes a toll on one’s well being. This perspective may seem dramatic, and in some ways, I suppose it is.

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Excuse me while I wear the same thing all week.

menswear for the ladies

When I was eleven, I burped really loud in gym class; like, so loud that everyone stopped playing Pickle ball and looked around to find out WHODUNIT. My face turned lobster red and one of my idiot classmates crossed his arms and shouted, “Only boys burp.” Nice. Boys have it so easy, I remember thinking. They never seem to struggle to raise their hands in class, don’t have to worry about breast buds and when they burp they receive rounds of applause and laughter.

There is something about dude style life that’s to be envied.

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Brooches & Bolo ties


This was my first time wearing a Bolo tie and it certainly will not be my last. Let’s talk about jewelry for a minute. I love that much of the jewelry you see today has a simple, delicate feel.  In fact, this is the type of jewelry I wear most of the time. But, on days when I’m feeling a little bold and I want my jewelry to match that, I reach for some of my thrifted pieces.

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No bubbles, no corks, no shots.

lifestyle blog 6 months no alcohol

From July 2015 to December 2015, my most spoken phrase was, “I’m sober as an ox, let me drive.” Giving up all alcohol for six months was a fascinating experiment. Years of mindless drinking inspired me to try a period of mindful abstinence. I love doing things to the extreme. Challenge me to buy no new shirts for ten days and I’ll go home and think about it. Challenge me to buy no new clothes for one year and I’ll commit on the spot! For me, it was easier to cut out all alcohol versus reduce consumption to say, 80%. Ordering a drink had become a sort of knee-jerk reaction. Menus were placed on the table at a restaurant and like clockwork, a round of drinks were ordered. A first date meant several glasses of something to shake off the nerves and serve as a sort of Slip n’ Slide to intimacy. I’m grateful that I don’t have a destructive relationship with alcohol, but like most people my age, I engaged in enough weekend nights of binge drinking to have my decisions make for a rough Monday morning. I had developed a drinking habit, and habits have consequences.

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Flipping Back: Ditching my smartphone for a flip phone.

I look like I’m twelve years old, so I’m sure the AT&T salesman assumed I would be an easy sell. Wearing a polo shirt and new Nike shoes, he bounced towards the door with an iPad in hand. He smiled wide. He was ready to sell me something expensive! I smiled and added a disclaimer to my request, “You’re going to think I’m crazy…” I said. “I want to trade in my iPhone 5S, for this,” I said, pulling a flip phone out of my jacket pocket.

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One Helluva Deal

On a slushy gray day in New York City, I made what turned out to be a very impulsive purchase. I had moved to New York City a few months prior and was having a severe case of the homesick blues. I missed my car, my friends, and my savings account. I was feeling sad and needed a little pep in my step. So, I hopped on Groupon. A $20 gel manicure sounded nice, but I was in the mood for something new. A 12-day juice fast sounded boring and a lifetime membership to an oxygen bar sounded worse. Scroll, scroll, scroll….and then I found what I was looking for. For only $60 I could experience an introductory Colonic session. Without hesitation, I flicked my finger, and it was mine.

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Spin Cycle

At the end of the day adults want to play dress-up just as much as kids do. While we didn’t wash any clothes, we did scrub our souls with the pure sudsy joy of crawling into dryers and pushing each other around in laundry carts. We weren’t there for business, we showed up to play.

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PODCAST Announcement!



My dear friend and I are launching a podcast called The NO APOLOGIES Project! This podcast features brave stories of pivotal moments in the lives of women. I am SO proud of the work Bernadette and I have put into this. And, I’m humbled by the women who have stepped forth to share their experiences with us, and with you.

I hope that you’ll take a listen and follow along on our website + IG: @noapologiesproject. Perhaps the next voice we hear on The NO APOLOGIES Project with be yours. Submit your story idea here.


Yours from the North,



Image by Amy Anderson 

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Big Dreams & Tiny Thoughts

The nomad life style is so appealing. As much as I like having a semi-permanent nest (renter style), I like the freedom of the open road more. I’ve dreamed about meeting a man who will build a tiny home with me and bid adieu to the comforts of a King bed in exchange for a tiny one with just enough room for our tiny love story.

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